Our Team

Gary Lutz

President & Sr. Partner

What do you do at IT Resource, and what certifications do you have: As co-owner and President, I have three primary responsibilities:
- Provide strategic planning for the overall growth and stability of the company
- Build and maintain our vendor partnerships and relationships
- Oversee and manage our technical engineering team and provide customer and project leadership
I maintain several sales and technical certifications with many of our partners including VMware, Microsoft, HP, EMC, Cisco, Symantec and others.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? I would discover a clean and endless energy source.

Do you have any hidden talents? I can play the drums

What is the best part about working at ITR? Our customers and staff. Oh, and the fact that no two days are ever alike.

How long have you worked at ITR? Since the idea for the company was hatched in November, 2000.

If you knew then, what you know now, what piece of advice would you give yourself? Take bigger chances, take more time off.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Taller

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever had that was not IT related? I worked at a pickle growing and storage facility where I held several positions from mowing and fieldwork to brining the tanks and managing the pickle sorting process. It included hard physical labor, long hours, managing a diverse workforce and a bit of chemistry. It had it all.

Tell us something your colleagues don't know about you. During my summers between 4th and 6th grades, I played drums in a college-aged jazz band that played summer concerts at parks and events throughout the local area. I still have recordings of the concerts made on an old portable cassette recorder.