Our Team - Blake Rice

Blake Rice

Sales Executive

When did you start working at ITR? October 10th, 2022

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? I wouldn’t call it hidden, but I am an avid musician. I’m a lifelong guitarist, pianist, drummer, and singer. In addition, I play gigs out with my own band regularly.

What do you do in your spare time? It depends! Usually, I’m playing music if I have nothing else going on. Beyond that, you can usually find me tackling a home improvement project, or in the kitchen trying to make something new. I also love to BBQ, so I may well be tending to my smoker in the middle of the night.

Tell us an interesting fact about you? Before working here at ITR and before starting my career in sales, I worked in food service for almost a decade. I started out working for a family business when I was 14, making pizzas. Beyond that, I’ve done every job in a restaurant from bussing tables to running the show.

Is there a non-profit organization or cause that you are passionate about? I have several aunts and uncles who are adopted, and foster care/adoption is a cause very near and dear to my heart.

What is your go-to drink order? Very tough call, and it does change with what I’m eating. If I’m having a nice steak dinner, a glass of Lagavulin 16-Year Scotch is always a favorite. I also can’t turn down a great old-fashioned. On top of that, Belgian beers are my weakness.

When I was 5, I was pretty sure I'd be a… Train Conductor

If I weren't so darn good at my job today, I'd probably be… either a musician or a restaurant manager

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d… pay off my house, invest the rest, and keep working.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be… laser vision. It’s just so useful. Opening letters and packages, getting the lid off the pickle jar, cutting up food, you name it.

My favorite word in the English language is… petrichor. It’s the term for the pleasant earthy smell after rain.

What advice would you give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars? Be honest, be transparent, be collaborative, and always be open to learning new things and improving yourself. None of us are ever finished, we can always improve. Take those opportunities as they come and work to better yourself.