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Security & IT Compliance

Network and email security issues like spam, viruses, and malware are a nuisance and can drain corporate time and money.

Threats interfere with productivity, storage, bandwidth, and reputation. But with the proper security and IT compliance systems in place, you can eliminate most of these security threats before they enter your network.

Security & IT Compliance Services

  • Antivirus & Malware Protection: Blocks unknown threats and protects against ransomware with a cloud security platform and threat intelligence.
  • Data Encryption, Archiving, Secure File Transfer, & Data Loss Prevention: Enable compliance with a full suite of email security solutions and protect the most vital communication tool in your organization: email.
  • Endpoint Protection & Intelligent Detection and Response: Stop a wide range of attacks with a combination of deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, and anti-ransomware – go beyond prevention to detect additional threats, investigate further, and respond with confidence.
  • Mobile Device Management: Reduce liability and chances for a data breach by protecting and securing resources and data from different user devices.
  • Security Prevention & Intrusion Detection: Protect against malicious threats with integrated intrusion detection and prevention engine with robust security features that are easy to implement and manage.
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA):   Reduce cybersecurity breaches, IT compliance risk, and improve organization agility and user experience by providing access to all critical applications, for any user, from anywhere, and with any device.
  • Password Management: Receive 1-click website logins and consolidated website bookmarks so you don’t have to waste time trying to remember passwords – users will have stronger passwords that are requested, rotated and not duplicated.
  • Remote Monitoring & Reporting: Daily monitoring and monthly reports so if a network security issue arises, we’re notified immediately.
  • Security Awareness Training: Cyber security threats are at an all-time high and users need to be trained and remain on their toes with security top of mind.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): Protect against the most sophisticated threats with a dedicated team of security experts and 24×7 network monitoring and real-time alerting to identify and respond to threats.

How Secure is your Business?

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Are you looking for a Managed Security and Compliance solution?

Learn more about our Managed Compliance Services & Risk service, where we’ll continually monitor and evolve your cloud security strategies to keep you current with regulatory changes, track threats and provide auditors with a report so you know where your compliance issues lie.

Benefits of Security & Managed Compliance Services

  •  Save future time and money by eliminating threats before they enter your system
  •  Know that you have the right technology in place to meet IT compliance guidelines and increase efficiency
  •  Reduced downtime in the event of a disaster with improved IT security contingency plans
  • Stay on top of regulatory requirements

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IT Resource addresses regulatory compliance obligations including HIPAA compliance requirements. For clients requiring a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), we will readily sign and enter into contract to appropriately safeguard protected health information. We also address Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance requirements, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance requirements.