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The Intuitive managed IT services and support program from IT Resource is an innovative take on traditional MSP programs. Eliminate unnecessary costs by hand selecting only the services you need. Receive the support you need with the right people, right process, and right technology.

With our Intuitive managed IT services and support program, you will receive an entire team of skilled IT professionals in one easy to understand contract. IT Resource has the support you need from backup and disaster recovery, to cloud services and virtual CIO. We will take the time to get to know you and your business to put together an Intuitive plan that enables your business to run more smoothly.

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Optional Managed IT Service Inclusions

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Collaboration
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security & Compliance
  • Managed Compliance & Risk

We Call it Intuitive Because…

  • Select only the services you need
  • Have a team of experts managing your IT 24/7
  • Predictive IT for future needs and growth
  • Enjoy continuity of service
  • Controlled IT costs
  • Easy to understand invoices

A Superior MSP Program

Intuitive takes an innovative approach to traditional MSP programs
Each client can select only the services they need, reducing operating costs. By unbundling the typical MSP plan, clients are not stuck paying for an entire tier of services that they may only need one service from. For some customers, IT Resource can serve as the IT department, but for others, IT Resource can integrate with an existing IT team which allows the client’s internal staff to focus on more strategic projects.

With Intuitive, each client will get a comprehensive evaluation of their current IT infrastructure to assess existing needs and what new services could improve the operations of the business.
Each client will enjoy a comprehensive evaluation of existing infrastructure to determine what services they really need. IT Resource is not here to upsell the client, but to right-size their needs with IT services they will truly use and will help improve the overall functionality and security of the business.

Intuitive was designed to evolve with a growing business
Each plan will be carefully thought out with future needs and growth in mind. Customers can always add on extra services as they may need them.

Each Intuitive plan is backed by an enterprise-level IT team
As opposed to a single IT person, each Intuitive plan is backed by an entire team of IT professionals who are experts in their field. This allows the business to have access to IT support when they need it and enables more than one set of eyes to monitor, troubleshoot, and quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

With Intuitive, each client will receive a strategic partner who has extensive knowledge of their industry.
With extensive knowledge across a variety of industries, IT Resource can help navigate vendors, compliance, and regulations as part of any Intuitive service. IT Resource has vast experience working with highly regulated industries such as financial and healthcare and is in tune with the specific processes, standards, and compliance requirements of those industries.

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