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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes it can be detrimental to business. Downtime equals money and every minute lost adds up quickly.

Common Threats Include:

  • Data breach
  • Cyber attack
  • Extended power interruption
  • Flood, fire, or natural disaster
  • Human Error

A business continuity plan includes companywide procedures and policies to ensure your business keeps moving seamlessly, no matter the incident.

A disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures that restores the IT portion of your business after a disaster. Regular backups keep your documents, files, databases, e-mail, images, etc. protected in the event of a system failure. Offsite backups are often a significant part of this plan. To understand how a disaster recovery plan works – it’s important to understand RPO and RTO.

RPO or Recovery Point Objective is simply, how much data are you willing to lose?
RTO or Recovery Time Objective is simply, how long are you willing to be down?

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