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Complimentary Technology & Security Assessment

IT Resource will provide a standard network assessment of your existing internal network system including servers, workstations, and other attached network devices. Software and applications running on the selected systems will be identified and documented. Internet connectivity and speed tests will be performed and external vulnerabilities will be assessed and identified.

Some of the many specific assessments that may be completed include identifying and assessing the following:

  • Current Internet/WAN connectivity speed tests (up and down)
  • Potential Internet connection vulnerabilities and risks
  • Windows Active Directory Domain configuration ‐ including sites, organizational units, servers, security groups, users, and other detailed domain information
  • Network services such as DNS, DHCP, IAS and other network system applications
  • Network infrastructure devices such as switches, routers, wireless access points and others
  • Network printers
  • Network shares
  • Server applications and software currently installed
  • Current network risks and vulnerabilities
  • Current anti‐virus/anti‐malware protection
  • Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 Assessment (if applicable)
  • Web Servers
  • Microsoft SQL database servers and associated databases

Because this is a large investment of our time, we can only allow a limited number of complimentary business assessments each month. As a fellow business owner, we do understand that we may not be the right fit for everyone. In an effort to ensure that this is a win-win for both of us, as ask that you have a brief conversation with one of our engineers prior to the assessment. This is our opportunity to get to know a little more about your organization and what concerns you’re facing. At that time we’ll give you an estimate over the phone, and explain how you can get the entire assessment at no cost.

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