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Business Contnuity in Manufacturing

Assembly Lines & Business Continuity

In the manufacturing industry, downtime comes with costs from all directions.

Shielding your business from ransomware

6 ways we shield you from ransomware

When thinking about cybersecurity, it’s not just about “if” your business will be attacked; it’s about “when” it will be attacked. Infection methods are more sophisticated and phishing scams look more realistic.

Microsoft Teams E-Book

Breakthrough Teamwork Tools

Once you know what to look for, choosing the right tool can reinvigorate your entire collaborative process. Review our checklist so you know what to look for in your teamwork tools.

5 Reasons You Need EDR

Find out the easiest way for organizations to answer the tough questions about security incidents.

Cybercrime e-book

Cybercrime Threat Landscape

Is our internet safe? New developments in ransomware and cybercrime make it difficult to protect your business and customer data. Learn what companies are up against today, and how to implement appropriate strategies.

Manufacturing security

Manufacturing Security

On the plant floor, as connectivity increases, so does complexity—and so do security concerns. Every new asset you put on the network is another security consideration, and another risk that requires monitoring.

What Attacks Aren’t You Seeing?

Here’s why you should consider adding DNS-layer security as your first line of defense against threats.

Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop

Modern Desktop with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the best of Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus and Enterprise Mobility + Security giving you a direct path to a modern desktop.

Cisco Incident Response E-book

Cisco Incident Response Plan

Feel secure about network security, learn why you need an incident response plan and what’s involved.

Zix Security Issues for Business

Addressing the Top 10 Security Issues Organizations Face

An in-depth review and must-read for all business owners.

Microsoft Compliance & Security

Achieving High Compliance & Security

A 4-step process to maintaining organizational compliance standards

Cybersecurity threat report in 2020

Sophos 2020 Threat Report

Challenges the world faces for the coming year, securing data, devices, and people in an increasingly complex environment.

Transform Employee Worst Practices Into Enterprise Best Practices

Preventing your worst data breach nightmare with New School Security Awareness Training

The Risks of Email and the Rewards of Innovative Encryption

Email encryption doesn’t have to be difficult. Solutions continue to adapt to meet your changing needs.

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