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Complimentary Cloud Migration Assessment

This assessment includes a detailed review of your current infrastructure and servers by a qualified IT Resource technician. This allows us to understand your current environment and its requirements, the sensitivity of the data you store, and will help us identify applications that are ready to move to the cloud.

With this information, we will develop a cloud or hybrid-based solution and provide you with an estimation of costs including both one-time transition costs and estimated monthly costs for the cloud services recommendations.

Whether you’re moving your entire environment to the cloud or only certain applications and workloads, our migration assessment is a great starting point to understand your current state, sizing requirements, and application dependencies, as well as to help develop objectives and a strategy for a seamless transition.

As a premier cloud service provider, IT Resource will provide a complimentary Cloud Migration Assessment.

Because of the detailed nature of this assessment, we can only allow a limited number of complimentary Cloud Migration Assessments each month. To ensure that this is a win-win engagement, we ask that you have a brief conversation with one of our engineers prior to the assessment for us to better understand your organization, the concerns you might be facing and the goals you hope to achieve with cloud services.

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