Microsoft 365 Security Audit

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    Complimentary Microsoft 365 Security Audit

    Don’t sacrifice security in the pursuit of greater productivity.

    The Microsoft 365 Security Audit powered by Zix Secure Cloud analyzes your mailbox settings to identify vulnerabilities and determine whether an email account may be compromised. That includes unauthorized mailbox forwarding rules, excessive administrator permissions, and more. Further, it can mitigate or remediate most issues without admin­istrator intervention.

    The audit analyzes mailboxes for:

    • Mailbox permissions
    • Inactive mailboxes
    • Forwarding settings
    • Inbox rules
    • Passwords
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Audit scheduling
    • Optimization 


    • Unparalleled insight into your Microsoft 365 environment and security deficiencies
    • Continuous monitoring of compromised email account activity
    • Strong password and authentication policy analysis and recommen­dations
    • Immediate threat mitigation such as user deactivation
    • Recommended remediation steps and justification
    • Intuitive severity classifications
    • Enforces principles of least privilege
    • Policy management recommendations
    • Available on any Microsoft 365 tenant
    • Simple, recurring report scheduling
    • Export information in multiple formats
    • Phenomenal Care support


    • Enhances security posture by mitigating the threat of email account compromise
    • Empowers administrators to focus on true threats and reduce false positives
    • Simple to manage and support with Zix Secure Cloud

    Why now?

    The Microsoft 365 Security Audit is specifically designed to shield your business from business email com­promise (BEC)—one of the fastest-growing threats businesses face today. The audit assesses key configurations of Microsoft tenants and provides clear indicators for remediation. It also provides granular information that is difficult and time-consuming to obtain in the Microsoft portal but is invaluable for administrators. 

    Click below to download a sample report to get a better idea of what the audit provides.

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