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Emergency Broadcasting with InformaCast

In the case of an emergency, imagine being able to notify all necessary recipients with the push of just one button. Whether giving directions in an emergency or sending out daily announcements, every organization needs to think about the best way to quickly communicate. Reaching all employees, students, patients, and residents can happen quickly and efficiently with the proper systems in place. How do you make sure your message reaches the right people and that they know what action is required of them?

Mass Notification

InformaCast provides a network-based solution for mass notification, emergency communication, overhead paging and clock and bell scheduling. It allows you to simultaneously send an audio stream and/or text message to multiple IP phones, IP speaker endpoints, computer desktops, and overhead paging systems. With the push of a single button on an IP phone or a single click from a PC, you can send a live, recorded, or scheduled broadcast to one or more paging groups.

Emergency or Everyday Notification?

Think of your messages as falling into one of two categories: emergency and non-emergency. In the case of everyday notification, you have time to think through your message content and plan out what to say and how to say it. Many mass notification systems will even allow you to schedule broadcasts ahead of time. 

Reach Everyone

What systems will you use to make sure your notification reaches its intended audience? By using a diverse group of messaging systems, you are more likely to avoid missing any of your intended recipients.
  • IP Phones Send text and/or audio
  • IP Speakers Send text and/or audio to speakers connected to the IP data network
  • Overhead Paging Systems Send audio to public address systems
  • On & Off Network (Mobility) Email Send an email with text information and an audio file with instructions
  • SMS Text Messaging It’s easy to send a text to all necessary recipients
  • Web & Social Media Quickly publish content to the organization’s website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
  • Digital Media Displays Send text and/or audio to public areas of buildings
  • Computer Desktops Send text and/or audio that immediately pops up on staff’s computer workstations

InformaCast is ideal for:

  • Organizations that need to be able to send emergency broadcasts, such as government agencies, schools, and hospitals
  • Organizations that need to do large-scale paging, including across multiple facilities and locations
  • Schools, retailers, and other organizations with complex scheduling needs, including the centralization of paging, clocks, and bells on a single server
We've partnered with Singlewire because InformaCast is a proven emergency broadcast solution that can deliver messaging and notification on your IP network. To learn more, contact us for a custom quote today, or click here to download our data sheet.