We recently celebrated the beginning of our 10th year in business in West Michigan. We want to extend a special thanks to all our customers for their business and support of IT Resource. For those of you who were able to attend our 10 year celebration on November 12, thank you for helping us celebrate this milestone!

On November 19, 2009 the Coopersville Area Chamber of Commerce awarded IT Resource the 2009 Service Provider of the Year Award. We were nominated by a local company and chosen primarily for excellent customer service and our community involvement. We are honored and humbled to receive this award and it challenges us to continue to provide our customers with excellent service and support.

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Internal resources are underutilized under the old �one server, one application� model and IT administrators spend too much time managing servers rather than innovating. An automated datacenter, built on a VMware virtualization platform, lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMware vSphere delivers resources�even servers�when and where they are needed. VMware customers typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating their resource pools and delivering highly available machines with VMware.

Come join us in our Coopersville office at 10:00 AM EST on Thursday, December 10, 2009 for a VMware webinar. If you cannot attend in person, you can attend the WebEx. Please register at



Spam is an issue every business with email faces. Have you ever wondered how spammers get your email address? There is a multitude of ways to harvest your address. Many you cannot do anything about, but here are some you can prevent:
Trolling � Spammers have programs that actively search the internet for text containing the �@� symbol. Do an internet search for your email address. If you can find it, spammers can too. Rather than using your email address, consider using a hyperlink with �Contact us� or similar verbiage instead.
�Send to a friend� � You found something online you want to share with a friend. All you have to do is enter their email address and your own and a copy will be emailed to them from you. Dishonest websites will use and/or sell those email addresses for spamming purposes.
Chain email � Have you ever had to scroll through pages of email addresses just to read the body of an email? Or been asked to add your name and email address to show your support for an issue? Spammers can use these types of emails to gather hundreds of addresses. A best practice is to remove all of the email addresses before forwarding.




IT Resource


This time, we are our own happy customer by implementing the very same virtualization technologies we recommend to our customers.
�IT Resource has been converting many of our physical servers in our Data Center into our expanded VMware virtual environment. One benefit has been considerable savings in energy costs. In fact, our energy bill was $400 less last month alone and continues to drop even as we add additional services and hosting customers!�
Gary Lutz, senior partner at IT Resource

VMware products and solutions allow organizations to reduce capital costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware. VMware can ensure your enterprise applications perform with the highest availability and performance. And organizations can build up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions.
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