Data Loss Lunch & Learn at Bistro Bella Vita / October 15

It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN. Downtime, human error, server failure, disasters and security breaches leave small to midsize businesses at a greater risk, and more susceptible to IT failure. With fewer resources available to prevent a data loss and combat the outage, the odds of a profitable comeback after a failure are not on your side.

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Cisco SMARTnets > What’s New?

How do you keep your network available, secure, and operating at peak performance? With SMARTnet Services, of course! Cisco's new SWSS program is combining two previous services for a new and more robust option.


IT is notorious for acronyms and abbreviations. What do EOL and EOS stand for and how are these terms relevant to you? Do you really need to pay attention to them and does one matter more than the other?


Banking on Good Times

Molly and Gary had a great time meeting and greeting the attendees of the Community Bankers of Michigan Annual Conference in September, where we were exhibitors. They even gave away a Fitbit to one lucky attendee!


A Day in the Life of A Techie

Beyond obtaining a nice variety of IT certifications, we also pride ourselves on being pretty good at hosting social events, golfing, and grilling a mean burger. See for yourself by clicking on our latest shenanigans below.

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