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A Flame is Growing...Are You at Risk?

A new virus has shown up in the technological world that has professionals baffled and amazed at the severity and complexity. Flame is a piece of malware that can record audio, screenshots, keyboard activity, and network traffic. It can also record Skype conversations as well.

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Save The Date!

Be our guest at the next West Michigan Cisco User Group event August 29, 5:30 to 7:00 at Davenport University on Kraft. IT Resource is the featured sponsor. RSVP today to reserve your spot, dinner will be provided.

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Server Room Spaghetti

While working in IT, we've come across our fair share of server rooms, IT closets, and network setups. Everyone has a different way of installing equipment and routing their respective cables; however a large emphasis should be placed on organization and cleanliness when creating the setup, or you just might end up with server room spaghetti.


A Day in the Life of A Techie

Beyond obtaining a nice variety of IT certifications, we also pride ourselves on being pretty good at hosting social events, golfing, and grilling a mean burger. See for yourself by clicking on our latest shenanigans below.

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