Learn how to protect your data, anytime & anywhere

Do you know exactly what is happening when your data is backed up? Is your company using tapes or other media to back up your critical data? Think for a moment about what really would happen if your server failed and you could not access your data tomorrow. Join our webinar February 15, 12-1pm to learn how you can prepare.

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Cisco Certification...Check!

Our hard work has finally paid off! We’ve earned an Advanced Unified Computing Technology specialization from Cisco. Offering this service will enhance your ability to fully utilize Cisco solutions throughout the entire data center – from networking and security to servers and virtualization solutions.

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How to Capture a Screenshot

On a PC, press the Print Screen Key, usually labeled “PrtSc” or "Print Screen". Open the application where you would like to paste the image. Paste by pressing Control and V key at the same time.

On the Mac, press Command-Shift-3. The image will be saved on your desktop.

One Happy Customer

IT Resource is our last resort, in a good way. If our IT staff is stumped or we need something that is above our pay grade, an expert is only a phone call or e-mail away. They have provided us with an Engineered Cisco Phone System, Firewall maintenance, and daily advanced support.

  Steve Durr, IT Manager
Medical Management Specialists

A Day in the Life of A Techie

Beyond obtaining a nice variety of IT certifications, we also pride ourselves on being pretty good at hosting social events, golfing, and grilling a mean burger. See for yourself by clicking on our latest shenanigans below.

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