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Last month IT Resource and Cisco hosted a lunch and learn at Bistro Bella Vita in Grand Rapids for our customers. It was a casual way to kick off the New Year and learn more about some of Cisco’s offerings, new and enhanced, including IP Communications, Messaging, WebEx, 802.11n technology, and physical security. If you missed our event and would like a copy of the presentation, email Carrie Borchers.


MiBiz recently featured IT Resource in their Techonomics column in an article focusing on growing West Michigan technology companies. Service and our consultative approach—one in which we strive to understand our customers’ business requirements first, then engineer technology solutions to meet our customers’ needs—were highlighted as two keys of our success.


Every business has valuable IT assets that include computers, networks and data. Protection of these assets is critical and vital to your day-to-day operations and IT Resource can help you determine potential security risks and threats. We will help you determine whether more robust intrusion prevention systems are needed, identity and access management should be enhanced, data backup strategies retooled, and/or email protection and filtering improved. Call your consultant, or Carrie Borchers, at 616.837.6930 to schedule a time to discuss.

TECH TIDBIT: Keep it safe!

Larger amounts of malware* were produced in 2007 than the previous 20 years combined. That is a startling statistic for today�s businesses which rely so heavily on the use of computers. Malware spreads most commonly through email and use of the internet. So how can you know which emails and websites are safe? Your best tool is common sense. Avoid opening joke and chain emails, especially those containing photos. Check who sent the email. If you don�t know the sender, avoid opening whenever possible. Limit your internet usage to visiting service specific sites that are well known and trusted by your industry. Avoid social networking sites, which are notorious for spreading malware. Most importantly, install and use good anti-virus software. We use and recommend a free malware removal tool called Malwarebytes� Anti-Malware, which can be used in conjunction with your primary anti-virus software. You can visit www.malwarebytes.org for further information and to download the application.

*malware � umbrella term to include all types of malicious and unwanted software (virus�, Trojans, spyware, etc)

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