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Save Money and Increase Flexibility with Virtualization

Monday, February 11, 2013

If virtualization seems like just another buzzword, think again. Virtualizing your environment offers a hefty amount of benefits, including saving you money and providing increased flexibility and mobility. So just what is virtualization?

Virtualization is a technique that allows the consolidation of multiple systems or servers to run on a single server or device. Many companies use virtualization to consolidate several physical servers to a single server, saving a lot of money and up-front costs in hardware, and providing long-term cost savings for on-going maintenance, management and energy usage. But, virtualization is not just for servers – it's also available for networking devices, disk storage and even desktop computers. Simply put, virtualization provides the ability to accomplish more with less hardware and less management.

One major benefit of virtualization is the overall cost savings in needing less hardware and devices to provide the same technology services. Less hardware means less on-going support and maintenance costs, too. Companies will also benefit from the increased redundancy and data protection that virtualization solutions provide. For those looking to move to cloud-based services, implementing virtualization in-house will provide a much easier path to the cloud. Finally, the increased flexibility and mobility that virtualization can provide allows a business to quickly adapt to market fluctuations and stay competitive in the marketplace.

If those benefits don't intrigue you, there's more. Virtualization can provide every part of an organization with enhanced capabilities, whether it’s increased remote access for a mobile workforce or providing a test environment to insure smooth and tested technology upgrades. Companies should virtualize to consolidate servers, provide redundancy, increase efficiency of their workforce, and to reduce costs.

With virtualization you can focus more on your core business needs, not just on supporting your technology systems. Businesses that use virtualization are quicker to adapt to change, more responsive to customer demands and better able to align their technology system to their business goals.

To set up a consultation to begin virtualizing your environment, call IT Resource today at 616.837.6930.

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