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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
IT Resource has teamed up with Northern Physical Therapy to provide a Corporate Health and Wellness Program for ITR employees and significant others. With many data and number driven minds on our team, having endless fitness applications at our fingertips is great motivation. We’re halfway through our fitness challenge and would like to share 5 tools and applications that we personally have found to be most successful in shaping an overall healthier lifestyle.
Lose It: This app flows seamlessly between your phone, tablet, and computer. It determines your daily calorie allotment by tracking food and drink, and it will adjust calories based on the amount of exercise performed. Plus, it's customizable to your specific goals and pace. A popular feature is it’s built-in scanner which lets you use your phone camera to instantly add food to your daily log. We can attest that to date, the scanner has successfully and accurately recognized every item we scanned. The ability to easily scan food and drink keeps you on track. Seeing how many calories you have consumed and how many you have left for the day makes it less likely that you will go over. 
Fitbit Flex: A few members of our staff have purchased the Fitbit Flex wristband and have had great success with it. This wireless activity and sleep tracker is worn on your wrist, making it a constant reminder to stand up or walk around. You can install Fitbit on your computer and set goals and easily check your Flex to see how close or how many steps away you are to your daily goal. Another valuable feature is that it tracks how many hours of sleep you get and the quality of sleep. The sleep tracker is very useful because it makes you much more cognizant of how many hours you are actually sleeping and how many times per night you are being awoken or not sleeping soundly. The Fitbit Flex also has an app you can download to your phone and tablet that syncs with the device, and It also integrates with other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal.
MapMyFitness: This app allows you to choose an activity like running or biking and the app creates repeatable workouts and routes. Over time, you can see your performance statistics which will tell you areas that you did well in and areas you need work on. You can even base your workout or route upon current weather, traffic and elevation and the GPS capabilities give you the ability to check your pace. You can receive stats during your workout so if you begin to slip on speed, it will alert you pick up the pace! Other tools like Fitbit, Garmin and MyFitnessPal can sync and import into MapMyFitness to create a multi-platform workout tool.
MyFitnessPal: This is a popular app that’s free for the phone, tablet or laptop. It logs calories, water intake, exercising and weight/measurements. The food database is particularly impressive including over 3 million different foods and growing. The simplicity of the mobile app makes it desirable for people on the go. It provides visual aids including graphs of your daily calorie breakdown, percentages of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you have consumed and percentages of your respective goals. There is also an option to add friends or colleagues to share progress and keep each other accountable. 
Garmin Edge GPS and Garmin Connect: This GPS allows you to track fitness activities such as bike riding or running. The GPS is very accurate and works anywhere around the world. It tracks your distance and provides data on current speed, average speed, last lap, etc. While monitoring the history of your activities, it also provides additional data such as heart rate, calories burned and cadence. The Garmin Connect app syncs with the GPS and gives you access to charts, graphs and instant data on your health history.

So there you have it - our lineup of the best fitness apps and gadgets. Here's to getting healthy and staying get out of your chair and get moving!
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