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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Mention going green and cutting down on operating expenses and you've caught the attention of a business owner, but these two concepts don't have to be a distant vision. By introducing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, as an alternative to a traditional workstation you can, in fact, save money and go green.

VDI works by allowing users access company files, hardware, and operating systems right on their own device. This method of virtualization consolidates all your desktop resources in one data center, which can have many benefits. 

Benefits of VDI
- Greater efficiency, reduced costs, and greater security
- Desktops can be set up and ready to go in minutes
- IT costs are reduced because there are fewer tech support issues
- Fewer software compatibility issues
- A more robust desktop disaster recovery system is supported with VDI
- Maintenance and upgrades are made at the data center, reducing costs of having to maintain and upgrade each individual device
- Telecommuters can access applications and data without being physically present

Let's Talk Security
With VDI, your information can be hosted locally, on a central server, or in the cloud. This minimizes security risks because the information is not on the end user's device. This is a major benefit in the event the device gets stolen or hacked, or if the employee is no longer with the company. In addition, VDI can archive all your data on a regular basis, which leads to a better means of disaster recovery and business continuity. 

If you have questions on how VDI can benefit your work environment, give us a call. We’d be happy discuss an IT security assessment of your virtual environment to help you prepare for VDI.
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