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Training for your Microsoft Software Audit

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
We’ve shared the news before: Microsoft Software Audits are on the rise. According to a study conducted by research firm IDC, Microsoft was found to have issued the most audits among software vendors at 58% audit frequency. Nearly double the rate of the next runner up! Just like your health and fitness, it’s best to “train”, plan and be proactive with your software assets. It’s no longer IF you will be audited, it’s WHEN. As a result of these audits, some customers are faced with needing to “true up” by adding licensing. If you are not regularly reviewing your software assets and managing these assets, these costs can be substantial.

IT Resource can help identify what software you are running in your environment. Microsoft has an updated tool called MAP that will assist with the discovery and reporting. No tool is perfect, but if we combine this tool with others we have – like our Software Inventory Report (our Remote Monitoring and Reporting (RMR) customers can receive this free at any time) and a Network Discovery – we will have a much better picture of what's going on.

When you receive a communication from Microsoft, usually via e-mail, stating you are being audited, please do not ignore this. We strongly encourage you to engage IT Resource to assist and even manage the process on your behalf. We have done this for many customers over the years and we have access to all the tools, the knowledge of the licensing requirements and the myriad of agreement types. Our consulting will be most efficient, thorough and save you time, money and headaches down the road.
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