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Are You Ready To Play? Welcome to the World of Cloud Computing

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Undoubtedly you’ve heard all the hype around cloud computing and how “Everybody’s doing it”. Yet, despite all the hype, there can be some confusion around what cloud computing actually is or how it can help your business. But it’s time to change all that. 

IT Resource has recently partnered with US Signal, a midwest leader in technology, to help our customers and prospects understand the cloud and plan their journey. Our goal is to provide business owners and executives simple, yet effective information that will explain the fundamentals of cloud computing, how it can help your business and if so, what you need to know when choosing a cloud provider. Our playbook uses simple terminology to help you understand how to play in the world of cloud computing, and understanding the importance of utilizing a good team along the way.

Cloud Computing in a Nutshell: Everybody's doing it.
So if the “cloud” is all the rage and everybody’s doing it, what exactly are they doing?

Cloud computing means different things to different people. Some define the cloud in basic terms like virtual servers available over the internet. Others expand this idea and state that anything consumed outside the firewall is in “the cloud”. While the debate about defining the cloud continues to grow, we believe that all organizations need to ask themselves the following: 

• How secure is my customer and employee data?
• Can I turn up a new server environment in a matter of hours?
• Does my current backup plan protect my data and business?
• Do my employees have the ability to access company applications at anytime from anywhere?
• Do I have hardware sitting in a closet with capacity that isn’t being utilized?
Understanding the cloud is much easier when you have a trusted partner on your side. In addition, the cloud can incredibly benefit your business. Let IT Resource and US Signal help you understand the cloud and plan your journey. You can learn more at our lunch and learn events, held in Grand Rapids on October 17 and Livonia on October 18. Click here to get more information and sign up for our tailgating events. Rumor has it there will be free wings and a chance to win a pair of NFL tickets. Now that's what we call teamwork!
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