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Our UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A few months back, in the midst of the power reorganization project, IT Resource purchased a UPS (uninterruptible power system) from Eaton, a power company. We added it into our data center and started to add devices to the unit. Currently, we have one of our new Raritan Power Distribution Units plugged into the UPS which is powering about 14 devices. The UPS can power much more than that, however.

A short while after getting the UPS installed and running, I received a call from Melissa over at Eaton. She wanted to ask me a few questions regarding the unit we bought and how it had impacted our business so far. I did a mini interview over the phone, answering some general questions about the product and its role at IT Resource. She had mentioned that there was a possibility of being featured on their website in a testimonial.

A few weeks later, and many more hours of usage on the UPS, I’m glad to say they published an article on their website featuring the interview I did with them. The link to the page can be found here. From there you can download the whole story and read the interview. See how we were able to: 

  • Ensure continuous uptime to our connected equipment and keep our customer applications available at all times
  • Power more equipment
  • Save space in our data center
  • Easily monitor and manage equipment

BIG News.... We're Expanding!

Monday, April 30, 2012

You may have been greeted by some new faces over the last 2 years here at IT Resource as we've expanded our engineering, sales, and help desk departments. While we’ve benefited tremendously from the increase in staff, we’ve suffered in the square footage department. IT Resource has a number of clients in both Illinois and Wisconsin and having office space closer to them would be ideal. However, we chose to stay in West Michigan as we believe having everyone at the same facility will offer a more seamless customer experience. That’s why we’re doubling the size of our office!

Say goodbye to the walls and carpet as we make way for a larger space!

We currently own the entire building that houses our staff and until recently leased out one of the two areas of the building to a medical practice. In fact, you can still see some of the remnants of the previous tenant in our photos. David C Bos Homes will be renovating the area and we are currently considering local companies for our interior items and furniture.

Our leadership, sales, and help desk department will continue to operate in our current workspace. The new space will feature a large wing for all our engineers, spacious conference rooms, a kitchen, and eventually full bathrooms with shower facilities so employees can come in right after hitting the gym. In addition, we’ll be breaking through the walls to connect the two areas to create a cohesive environment.

We'll be posting updates along the way, but these shots give you a good idea as to what we started with. When the renovations are complete we'll be having an open house to show off our new space. In the meantime, feel free to stop by and see how the construction is coming along. We'd be happy to give you a tour.

Weight Loss Challenge: The Results

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You may recall that we rang in the new year with a company wide weight loss challenge. The rules were pretty simple: $15 to participate, winner takes all. Contestants weighed themselves the morning of January 3, then again the morning of March 30 and the person with the highest weight loss percentage was our winner.

When we updated you back in February we were doing pretty good. Our habits of eating healthy lunches in the office, watching calories and portion control, and exercising were paying off as we had lost a combined total of 68 pounds in just one month!

So now that our contest has come to a close, I'm sure you want to see how we did and who took home the prize money. In 3 months our team lost of combined total of (insert drumroll here) ..... 174 pounds!! Everyone did great, but of course there could only be one winner. Our two honorable mentions go to Michael and Pat, both engineers on our staff.

Third place went to our office manager Gayla. Doesn't she look great!

Second place went to Kevin, one of our help desk experts.

And the winner of our 2012 Weight Loss Challenge was our engineer Todd. Todd also happens to be the person who came up with the idea for our challenge.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and got healthier. Let's make sure we can keep up our good habits and continue to shed those extra pounds!

People. They make the difference.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great customer service, a knowledgeable engineering staff, and smart business sense has led to our steady growth over the last decade and we genuinely say thank you to our customers for their support over the years. In an effort to continue to build stronger relationships with each and every customer, we saw the opportunity to expand our sales team.

If you've been in touch with our sales department at any point over the last five years, you would have been greeted by the friendly voice of our sole sales team member, Carrie Borchers. But, as our company continued to grow, and the variety of products we offered increased, we saw a great opportunity!

Late in 2011 we added Carolyn Martin as our Inside Sales Representative. Carolyn is the helping hand responsible for purchasing and receiving, the renewal of contracts, and generating quotes for existing customers. You can reach her directly via e-mail or 616-837-6930 x2123.  

Molly Reid is our new Senior Account Executive. Backed with years of experience in business, Molly will be handling new business opportunities in computer system environments including infrastructure, software, and communications. E-mail Molly directly by clicking here.

With the addition Molly and Carolyn, Carrie is now our Director of Sales. She will be happily leading sales and marketing efforts as well as developing new customer relationships. Her years of IT, marketing and sales experience will be proven as she implements solutions that will enhance our customers' business.

Our team as a whole has numerous certifications including Cisco's Advanced Unified Communications Account Manager, Cisco Sales Expert certification, VM Ware Sales Professional accreditation, and Cisco Advanced Unified Computing Technology Specialization, just to name a few.

By adding additional sales team members we’re able to increase our reach, donate more hours to our community, and build stronger relationships. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us and we would be happy to help you and your business achieve smarter IT solutions.

Hello...How Can We Help You?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If you've ever encountered a problem with your server, computer, hardware, or IT needs in general, chances are you called our office and spoke to one of our Help Desk experts. Over the last year we've been steadily increasing the presence of our Help Desk in an effort to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our Help Desk is currently staffed by three IT experts, all of whom are happy and ready to quickly serve you, and have different areas of expertise including Microsoft procecsses, general hardware, and system backups.

With the objective of being more responsive to our customer’s needs, our Help Desk personnel will:

- Triage all incoming queries and service requests

- Quickly resolve issues that don’t require escalation

- Escalate and expedite issues to the appropriate resources within IT Resource (Sales, 2nd Level Support, your Lead Engineer)

- Provide documentation and follow-up to ensure a smooth process

Leveraging the talent and skill of our Certified Help Desk personnel enables you to receive the best service possible, without having to understand who to call for what. Whatever your issues are, feel free to call IT Resource at 616.837.6930, or send an email to and one of our friendly Help Desk staff members will take it from there.

We're Better Serving Your IT needs!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some may be asking, ‘What are you doing to keep up with the ever changing technology world?’ Even if they’re not asking, they should be. Keeping up with technology change is almost as difficult as sneezing with your eyes open or waking up in time for work! Kidding on that last one of course... But in reality, technology is always changing and if we want to appeal to our current and future customers, we need to keep up with the times! 

Fortunately enough, IT Resource has a team currently working on a project that will bring us up to present date with the latest in new technologies. Also, I happen to be on that team, so I know exactly what’s going on. My hope is to keep everyone updated as best as I can and keep everyone informed on the changes we’re making to better our company. Look for some exciting things in the future!

Weight Loss Challege: How Are We Doing?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Remember our company wide weight loss challenge? The goal was simple - see who can lose the largest percentage of weight in 3 months. We're one month in and so far I'd say we're doing pretty well. Our staff has lost a combined total of...drumroll please.... 68 pounds!!

How have we done this, you might ask? Well, for starters, we've taken a group approach and introduced healthier options for our company lunches.

Look at all those vegetables! This lunch was much healthier than the usual fast food, and it tasted better. Plus, we were all able to avoid the late afternoon dull, tired feeling that so often accompanies not-so-healthy take out options.

We polled our staff to find out what other ways they were going about their weight loss. We found the top three answers to be exercise, portion control, and using websites/apps to keep track of their calorie intake.

I'm really excited to find out how many pounds our staff will shed over the next month. 68 pounds is a fantastic start - let's keep up the great work!

Its Hockey Season!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When the snow begins to fall and temps reach the twenties, we embrace the season and celebrate by taking our customers out for a night of food, fun, and hockey with the Grand Rapids Griffins.

Of course it wouldn't be a real Griffins game without a visit from Griff. He was kind enough to stop by and show his love for IT Resource.

He continued on, saying hello as he visited with each one of our fantastic customers and team members.

Mingling, food, beverage, fun, and hockey...who could ask for more?

Once again we booked the Talsma Terrace where our guests could watch the game from the comfort of La-Z-Boy recliners. Its almost like watching it from home - only better, because you can see brawls like this up close and personal.

You're going to want to make sure you join us next year! 

A big thank you to all our wonderful customers and friends who came out to spend the evening with us. We appreciate your business year-round and this is one of the ways we say thank you. We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Customer Portal - Here to Serve You!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

IT Resource is proud to announce its recently revamped Customer Portal. The purpose of the Portal is to allow our customers a quick and easy way to access IT Resource and its technical staff.
Here's a link to a video describing its operation:  

The purpose of the customer portal is to allow you to do things such as:

·         Create a service ticket
·         Review current support tickets
·         Access a knowledge base for your own self help
·         Run basic service requests as well as customized reports
·         View projects
·         View invoices
·         And many other options

The Customer Portal URL address is - it's an automatic redirect to a secure, https address.

The primary contact at our customer's office will decide who at their company can have access to what parts of the portal.

You need to decide which level (User, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, or Manage) each employee accessing the IT Resource Customer Portal will require. If you decide that only you want to have access to the portal – that’s fine too! This can be changed at any time. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Helpdesk at 616 837 6930.

Weight Loss Challenge

Monday, January 02, 2012

"I’m fat..." was the comment made by one of our engineers. That was all it took to spark an IT Resource Weight Loss Challenge. 

The rules are pretty simple:
$15 to participate, winner takes all. Contestants will weigh themselves the morning of January 3, then again the morning of March 30. The person with the highest weight loss percentage is the winner.  
Good luck to all of our employees who have agreed to participate! We invite you to take part as well. Today is the perfect time to start making 2012 all it can be for you. Whether you're looking to shed a few pounds, work a little less, get more organized, or learn to cook, there's no better time to start than NOW!

Check out our Facebook page for occasional updates on our weight loss challenge - let's shed those pounds together!