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5 Ways Business Continuity Improves Profitability : Webinar

Monday, May 02, 2016
As a small business owner, you are an expert in your business. You understand your customers and what makes them happy. You understand how to run your operations efficiently and realize profits. That’s why having business continuity measures in place should be a priority, not just because it’s best practice, but for your bottom line as well.

5 Ways Business Continuity Improves Your Business’s Profitability : Webinar, May 19
IT Resource has partnered with Datto and disaster recovery expert, Donna Childs, for a FREE webinar, on Thursday, May 19, at 2:00pm EST. Find out how proper business continuity measures can actually help save your business money over time.

We hope you’ll join us, secure your seat, and register today!
You’ll learn:
• How business continuity can reduce costs and put money back into your pocket
• Effective strategies to increase revenues through continuity measures
• How to make the most out of the planning process

The webinar is free but registration is required, don’t forget to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you there!
Do you have questions or concerns regarding your business continuity plan? Give us a call today at 616.837.6930.

A Disaster Close to Home

Wednesday, September 09, 2015
A few weeks ago in Coopersville, a construction worker in a backhoe hit a low power line which wrapped around another line above it causing a power outage to several grids in the surrounding area. Thankfully, there were no injuries from this accident but it did cause major backfeeding throughout most of Randall Street, including IT Resource.

The backfeed eventually led to the overheating of two transformers next to our building. One transformer was so hot we couldn’t even get near it and the other began smoking. Quickly after this realization, we called the Coopersville Fire Department and then Consumers Energy. Once everyone arrived, the power was cut to IT Resource and the surrounding buildings. The transformers were able to cool down, and were eventually replaced.

Many surrounding businesses including gas stations, restaurants, shops, and medical offices had no choice but to shut down during this time. Fortunately for IT Resource, our systems and data center remained unaffected. Because of our built in power redundancy, the office and data center continued to operate flawlessly with uninterrupted internet connections in and out of the data center.

This proves that disaster can strike anyone at any time. If the right tools and business continuity solutions are implemented, downtime can be reduced or eliminated. It was a hectic day at the office but at least we had piece of mind knowing that our systems and data center will continue to operate.

Advanced Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity News

Friday, April 10, 2015
Are you sure your data is being backed up securely and correctly at all times? With advancements in technology taking place all the time its important to keep up with trends and be on top of the latest security products. We’re excited to announce that a member of our technical team, Greg Lundeberg, has successfully completed the Datto Advanced Certification Training. During his two day training seminar in Chicago, he expanded his knowledge base with hands-on and state-of-the-art training for functions associated with Linux, ZFS, troubleshooting customer devices and local virtualization troubleshooting. With Datto’s robust and ever-evolving products, we make it a point to keep our staff trained on the latest solutions and technologies. With another certified and knowledgeable technician in-house, our clients will continue to have peace of mind knowing that their data is being backed up securely and correctly at all times.

Earlier this week Datto announced the expansion of its award-winning SIRIS 2 Enterprise line that’s now available in 40TB, 50TB, and 60TB units, designed to meet the demands of growing data. This device delivers the most aggressive recovery time objective (RTO) of any backup on the market. If you’re interested in a Datto Business Continuity solution give us a call today and we can discuss your options.

Don’t forget to download our Datto case study to learn about how one of our customers’ disaster recovery plan got put to the test shortly after we implemented it!

Backup and Disaster Recovery Lunch and Learn

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

 What would happen if you lost all your data?

It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN. Downtime, human error, server failure, disasters and security breaches leave small to midsize businesses at a greater risk, and more susceptible to IT failure. With fewer resources available to prevent a data loss and combat the outage, the odds of a profitable comeback after a failure are not on your side.

Join us for a lunch and learn
We'll be discussing the benefits of Intelligent Business Continuity – a more reliable backup service that is less expensive - versus Traditional Backup methods.

Wednesday, October 15 from 11:30-1 at Bistro Bella Vita, where lunch will be provided. PLUS, registrants can bring their business cards for a chance to win a free Fitbit!

Bistro Bella Vita is located at 44 Grandville, downtown Grand Rapids. If you have any questions, contact Kim at 616.837.6930 or via email.

Traditional Backup vs. Intelligent Business Continuity

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It wasn’t too long ago the safe and traditional backup strategy was to save all your information on a tape backup. At the end of the day, someone would have to remember to pop the tape out of the drive, label it, place it in a secure carrying case and remember to take it home or to another offsite location. In the unfortunate instance that something happens during the night, all your data is safe and sound on the back up tape. Or is it? If you're still operating this way it is time to look at moving to a more cost effective and efficient solution. 

Traditional backup methods such as tape, disk, and strict Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are no longer sufficient. In fact, more business owners are finding them unacceptable to meet their business continuity requirements. Technological innovations have set a new solution standard: Intelligent Business Continuity, going beyond data protection; delivering automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage, and instant recovery.

The differences between traditional backup and intelligent business continuity are many, and it's worth looking into if you're still using traditional backup methods.

Can take weeks to recover data after a disaster Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes, or seconds
Risk for human error: 60% of on-site disasters are due to human error Full automation backup —very little manual management required
Difficult to test if a backup is working properly Automated screenshots are taken and reported to ensure each backup was successful and can be booted anytime
Time consuming and expensive to make copies of backups or to store backups in multiple locations Each backup is saved in multiple locations: local appliance and bi-coastal data centers
Backup speeds are slower Quick and efficient transferring of files to off-site data centers
Physical to virtual conversions can be time consuming and have a high failure rate Incremental backups can be instantly virtualized, rather than the entire backup chain
No redundant backups in multiple locations, leaving high risk for original backup systems to be destroyed Eliminates downtime in the event of a disaster by allowing your business to run off the secure cloud
Limited options for encrypting data, may not pass industry regulations (i.e., HIPAA, SOX) AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption ensures data is safe and meets industry regulations (ie. HIPAA, SOX)
 When recovering data, tape failure rates exceed 50% Minimal risk of corrupted backups or data loss
 Potential for theft of loss of media Off-site backups stored in SSAE 16 data centers

IT Resource partners with Datto, an industry leader in backup, recovery, and business continuity. The facts are startling when it comes to data recovery. In fact, 70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are out of business in two years. Odds like that are not in your favor. Don't let another day go by with an inferior data backup and business continuity plan. We can assess your current situation to make sure all your bases are covered. Contact us at 616.837.6930 or via email.

Save Big On Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Thursday, January 16, 2014

If you're in the market for a new business continuity and disaster recovery device, now is the time to act! Datto is offering significant savings on SIRIS products purchased now through January 31, 2014.

Turn in an existing BDR device (Symantec, Zenith, etc.) and receive:

  • 15% off any size Datto SIRIS with the purchase of a one year signed service contract
  • 20% off any size Datto SIRIS with the purchase of a two year signed service contract
  • 30% off any size Datto SIRIS with the purchase of a three year signed service contract

To learn more about this promotion, or to place an order, contact the sales team at IT Resource today. Remember, this promotion only runs through January 31, 2014, so you'll want to act now.