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Meraki Enterprise Licenses vs. Advanced Security Licenses: What’s the difference?

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
When clients purchase a Meraki MX firewall, they often wonder what the difference is between an Advanced Security license and an Enterprise license, and what they actually do for you.

As you'll see in the chart below, the Advanced Security edition is the more robust of the two, but regardless of which one you choose, it’s important to note that you must have a valid license in order for the firewall to work properly. With security and compliance top of mind, we always recommend choosing the Advanced Security edition as a company standard, however, it's good to know what options are available to you.

Please note that the MX licensing edition is uniform across the organization. For example, you can have all 25 appliances using Enterprise Edition or Advanced Security Edition, but you cannot have 20 appliances using one edition and 5 using the other edition.

Advanced Security licenses have an edge over Enterprise because they include additional features that are vital from a security standpoint, and are required for many industries who need to adhere to compliance requirements. Said features include Cisco® Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) which provides the extra level of protection you need to stop advanced threats often missed by other security layers.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection Benefits: 

This table shows a list of major features and their required license edition:

If you have additional questions about Meraki licensing or are interested in a Meraki solution for your business, contact us today via email or 616-837-6930.

Free Cloud Management License with Cisco Meraki

Monday, December 19, 2016

Whether you’re adding a few new devices to your network or deploying an entirely new infrastructure, budget is always a concern for IT teams. Here at IT Resource and Cisco Meraki, we understand that challenge, so we’ve created an offer to help your budget go further.

The first year is on us!

From now until July 29, 2017, when you purchase a new* Cisco Meraki cloud management license for 3 years or more, Cisco Meraki will give you an additional year at no additional cost. How’s that for extending your budget?

Meraki licensing includes 24/7 dedicated support from a Meraki specialist, all future firmware updates, and new feature releases. 

For full terms and conditions, visit or email our team.

*Sorry, this offer is not available for license renewals.

Want a Free Cisco Meraki Switch?

Friday, June 03, 2016
Streamline your IT, reduce overhead management and save your business money with Meraki’s next generation Ethernet switching. 

Learn how cloud-managed networks can simplify your IT by attending an upcoming Meraki switch webinar. You’ll learn about the new class of Meraki switches that bring cloud based visibility and control, high performance, and true zero touch provisioning to your network. Plus, you'll get a free switch* just for attending!

Meraki cloud-managed switches offer countless features that can reveal what’s been previously hidden in your network, while making management easy. To learn more, register to attend an upcoming live switch webinar here

*Added Bonus: All eligible webinar participants will receive a FREE Cisco Meraki MS220-8P switch with a 3-year cloud management license. That’s right, a free 8 port gigabit Ethernet switch just for attending! Participants must be an IT professional to be eligible, limit one free switch per company. Existing Meraki customers are not eligible. See full details and rules here: Free switch eligibility.

Set Sail With Meraki Switches for 5 Years

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

All aboard! Check out the brand new Cisco Meraki switch licensing promotion for 5 years of smooth sailing!

Over the past few years, Cisco has been highlighting the benefits of having intelligent switches in your network. Smart switching is a necessity because when (not if) something goes wrong, smart switches provide unparalleled visibility and troubleshooting, allowing for speedy resolutions. Switches tie your network together, and it’s time for them to do more.

We want you to experience the magic for yourself! In addition to getting a free PoE switch for attending eligible Introduction to Cloud Managed Switching webinars, for a limited time Cisco Meraki is also offering a special switch licensing promotion for first-time Meraki switch customers. Do you have Meraki wireless, security, or MDM? Are you totally new to Meraki? Either way, welcome aboard! We invite you to set sail with Meraki switches.

From now until 7/30/16, first-time Meraki switch customers who buy any MS switch with a 1-year cloud management license are eligible to be upgraded to a 5-year license at no additional cost

Visit for more information. We hope to welcome you to the Meraki switching family soon!

See this and other great promotions on our promo page!

Cisco Meraki Announces End-of-Sale date for MX80 Firewall

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
On January 26, 2016, Cisco Meraki announced its End-of-Sale for the MX80 medium branch Cloud Managed Security Appliance. You can still order the MX80 through August 30 of this year, or as long as the product is still in stock. After this date, the MX80 will be unavailable via all channels.

The End-of-Support for this device is August 30, 2023. This means if you currently have an MX80 in production, the product will still be supported by Cisco for the next 7 years. The model replacing the MX80 will be the MX84. The good news is there will not be a price increase and the MX84 has a slew of added features. Features of the MX84 include increased throughput, a faster CPU, nearly double the performance and capacity of the MX80, dedicated WAN ports, and two GbE SFP connections for fiber connectivity. The MX84 also features an increased number of LAN connections with 8 Ethernet ports (versus only 4 on the MX80). Fundamentally, a better product for the same price.

Figure 1: MX84: Cisco Meraki MX84 Cloud Managed Security Appliance

If you’d like to learn more about Cisco Meraki solutions, give us a call at 616.837.6930. We can take a deep dive into all of the Meraki security, switching and wireless options. And, don’t forget to visit our IT promotions page where you can register to attend an upcoming Meraki webinar where you'll receive a FREE access point!

An Unbeatable Deal with Cisco Meraki

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Cisco Meraki has just announced an exclusive webinar highlighting their cloud networking services. Attendees will receive a FREE 8-port PoE switch with license!

We're usually suspect when we hear the word FREE. But this is a bona fide opportunity for qualifying* organizations to receive a free 8-port PoE Cisco Meraki Switch with license. This is a $1395 value, absolutely free!

You must attend a live webinar hosted by Cisco Meraki on October 28 or November 11 at 1:00pm EST. Registration is first come, first serve and is limited to the first 500 customers worldwide. We want to make sure you get first dibs, so register early.

Please note: the original webinar held on October 8 filled up very quickly, so we encourage you to register early. Please be aware that when you click the registration link below, you must select the date you wish to attend under the headline that reads "Sorry, this webinar doesn't exist." That headline is referring to the October 8 webinar, which has already passed. 
Click here to register and choose your date under the first paragraph
If you’re interested in learning more about Cisco Meraki and cloud networking, this is a simple, no cost investment, other than your time to take the webinar. We wouldn’t pass this along to you if we didn’t see the value of the offering so we hope you can take advantage of this great opportunity!

Can’t Attend?
If you’re interested in Cisco Meraki and cannot attend this webinar, email us. We can invite you to attend an upcoming webinar to receive a free Cisco Meraki Access Point (AP) with a 3 year cloud management license.

*In order to qualify for a free switch, participants must:
• Attend the live event or the live webinar in its entirety
• Enter a valid company name and website
• Be an IT professional working in the US, CA, UK, or Ireland and have an active role of managing, maintaining, or monitoring their organization’s network infrastructure, and be employed by the company
• Eligible recipients cannot receive more than one switch
• Register with a shipping address (a post office box is not sufficient) in the US, CA, UK, or Ireland. At this time, Cisco Meraki cannot ship free switches outside of these regions, and cannot ship to post office boxes.
• Register with their company’s email address
• Confirm eligibility and shipping address with a Cisco Meraki representative by phone

An Internet Solution for Schools and Libraries

Monday, July 13, 2015
In the midst of digital learning, it’s evident that schools and libraries need access to reliable and affordable internet. A common nuisance among schools is that networks are frequently under intense interference conditions causing internet speeds to drag and bandwidth hogging. This ultimately leads to inefficiencies among administration, faculty, teachers and students. In light of this, we’re excited to share a special promotion for a solution tailored to the needs of schools and libraries - the Cisco Meraki Solution for Education.

Rise to the top of the class with Meraki k-12
As a Meraki partner, we have an exclusive promotion for e-rate eligible K-12 schools and libraries. Now through July 1, 2017 you can receive a 5 year license for the list price of a 1 year. This promotion is available on all new Meraki MR-Wireless, MS-Switching, and MX-Security hardware purchases. Now is the time to use your e-rate funding to replace old legacy equipment and update your environment. Don’t lose on productivity with outdated hardware and software - futureproof your network and lock in a 5 year Meraki license for the price of one!

Mobility Management for Schools
A Meraki solution will transform your internet environment to support and streamline every level of your education and business processes creating a unique and holistic approach to Wi-Fi. It offers unbeatable security, deep network visibility to determine where bandwidth is being used and automatic performance optimization in highly dense environments. All Meraki solutions are 100% transparent using the free dashboard application allowing administrators to configure, monitor and manage thousands of mobile devices across multiple networks.

Still not convinced?
Meraki is so confident in their products, they’re giving away a FREE access point just for taking one of their live webinars! Let this solution speak for itself and see the difference before you buy. Contact us today and we’ll send you a customized link to register to attend one of the upcoming webinars eligible for a free AP. This offer is available to anyone, not just K-12, however, existing Meraki customers are not eligible and there is a limit of one free AP per company.

If you’d like more information on the K-12 licensing promotion please reach out to us at 616.837.6930 or via email. At the very least, contact us to request your free customized link to attend one of the upcoming webinars to receive a FREE access point!

PS - We installed a Cisco Meraki system at the Indiana Gamma chapter house at Indiana University after they complained about slow internet speeds and sub-par bandwidth. The process was documented in a case study - read about it here.

A Cisco Meraki Solution for Internet Speed and Bandwidth Issues

Friday, February 13, 2015

When students from the Indiana Gamma chapter house at Indiana University complained about slow internet speeds and sub-par bandwidth, we were brought on to find a solution. Our technicians conducted an internet-speed test on the existing system and, to no surprise, the findings were unacceptable: 11 mbps for the download speed and 10mbps for the upload speed, well below the acceptable standard. A case study was done on the situation at the chapter house and the findings were featured in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon publication, The Record, and can be downloaded here.

In addition to the speed issues, our site visit and review indicated that the existing system and equipment that was in place was incorrectly sized and not optimal. In addition, the wireless connectivity failed to perform as desired, so users had limited bandwidth. At the end of the day we recommended a Cisco Meraki cloud-based management system in which all devices at each location could be managed from the cloud. The solution provides real-time visibility on the health of each device and can be monitored remotely by Sigma Alpha Epsilon staff using the Meraki Dashboard.

When the Cisco Meraki solution was configured and complete, we performed a final test and the results were stellar: 67 mbps for download speed and 22 mbps for upload speed, a 463% enhancement. The students at the SAE chapter house indicated that the new system didn't just bring them up to par in terms of internet speeds, it gave them the fastest internet on all of Indiana University's campus.

Read the entire article, as it was published in The Record, here.

More Bandwidth and Faster Internet with Cisco Meraki

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
The internet is only getting faster which means everyone needs more bandwidth. Small retail branches and small enterprises - we're talking to you.

The Meraki MX64/MX64W is the newest Unified Threat Management (UTM) security appliance available for purchase. The first of its kind, the MX64/MX64W is the only product currently on the market to provide security with 802.11ac Wireless. With a maximum AV throughput of 200 Mbps, the appliance also delivers unified and centralized management, enterprise security, guest access and a variety of advanced security offerings including content filtering, Google SafeSearch and YouTube for schools. It is ideal for up to 50 users, and its 3 times faster than today’s 802.11n wireless.

Want to find out more?

If you think this solution could work for your business contact us today! If you’re on the fence we can request a free trial and you can test it in your own environment. Meraki will ship you the gear free of charge with zero risk. If you decide it isn’t right for you, just send it back. You can also receive a free 802.11n AP just by attending a webinar! Contact your IT Resource sales rep today and we’ll send you a link to the next one!

What is your Virtualization and Cloud Services Strategy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The current spring savings are a great reason to take closer look at Virtualization and Cloud Services strategies, but if saving some coin isn't enough to get you thinking about them, perhaps these three major factors in the marketplace will:

1. Virtualization has evolved beyond simple server consolidation and occurs at many levels within your organization, including Compute (CPU, RAM), Network and Storage Infrastructure.

2. At the same time cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Azure and third party application providers have matured and grown considerably in the marketplace. Additionally, new cloud-based services have grown quickly to offer robust solutions for:

- Cloud-managed Wireless services, like Cisco Meraki
- Cloud-managed VoIP and SIP voice services, like FreedomVoice and nexVortex
- Cloud-managed Firewall and Security services, like Cisco Meraki and Cisco Cloud Web Security

3. Pricing models for many of the cloud-based solutions are more cost-effective than traditional purchasing.

ALL our partners in Virtualization and Cloud Services have fantastic promotions and incentives this spring to help you achieve the tactics in your Virtualization and Cloud Services strategy, and there are deals for businesses of all sizes.

· The SMB Advantage from Microsoft: earn up to 15% off your annual Office 365 licensing when you migrate to Office 365 before May 31
· Cisco Unified Computing System: server (UCS) SmartPlays and Advantage Trade-in are available – unify computing, networking, management, virtualization and storage access into a single architecture
· VMware Horizon and Mirage: the ideal architecture for private, hybrid and public clouds
· US Signal:  Get 2 TB of cloud storage, Cloud-Based Managed Firewall (CBMF) and a 10 Mb Internet port for $399 per month regardless of term

If you need help in creating your Virtualization and Cloud Services Strategy, need to validate your strategy to leverage today’s best practices, or if you have your plan and need help checking the Action Items off the list, contact us today so we can get you set up. Now is a great time to take advantage of these cost-effective promotions.