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Symantec Subscription Changes

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Attention: all hosted Symantec users with a current subscription

On July 29th, all new endpoint installs of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition will be automatically protected should the user decide to upgrade to Windows 10 in the future. For those currently using Windows 10, Symantec has already pushed out specific patches. There’s no action on the user's part but it is a nice reminder that Symantec has their customers covered by taking proactive action to make sure the user is always protected. Even if a user decides to update their machine to Windows 10 without telling IT Resource, if we are the Symantec administrator for the subscription, we will be notified immediately, then the patch will then be pushed out within 1-2 hours.

Not a Symantec customer?
If you’re not satisfied with your current anti-virus solution, you may want to consider a Hosted Symantec Endpoint Protection subscription. This will protect all of the desktops, laptops and servers in your environment without slowing them down. When connected to the internet, the updates and patches happen automatically without ever notifying you.

Because it’s hosted in the cloud, setup and deployment is extremely simple and fast which means it’s very affordable. To request a quote for the hosted antivirus solution or to discuss in more detail, contact us.
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