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SQL Server 2005 : End of Support

Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Update: April 12, 2016 marks the official End of Support date for SQL Server 2005. If you’re still running this database, you will no longer receive security updates and may face potential compliance concerns. This also means increases in maintenance costs and leaves your network vulnerable to security attacks. Bottom line: the clock is ticking and you need to upgrade your systems ASAP.

If you have applications that are still relying on SQL Server 2005, it’s crucial to get those moved as soon as possible. You have upgrade and migration options to newer databases or the cloud.

Benefits to upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server include:
· Proven 13x higher performance for traditional OLTP ((On-line Analytical Processing)
· Additional performance gains from in-memory technologies for OLTP, data warehousing, and analytics
· Simplified updating and maintenance as well as more online processes
· Easier than ever high-availability
· Supported, compliant database platform with security patching and maintenance updates

We have the engineers, tools and experience to migrate your systems in a timely fashion. Contact us via email or call 616.837.6930. Our technical team can determine what your migration requirements are and provide a timeline for implementation. Every day you spend without support and updates from Microsoft is a risk to your business. There’s no time to waste.


As you begin planning for the end of the year and finalize budgets for next year, please take into account Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End of Support (EoS).

End of Support for SQL Server 2005 is forthcoming on April 12th, 2016. After this date, businesses will no longer receive hotfixes or security updates which can lead to major breaches of sensitive data. It will be especially problematic for those businesses that are required to be PCI and HIPAA compliant as SQL Server 2005 will not be compliant after April 12th, 2016. Along with these risks comes the inevitable rising costs of maintaining an aging database. That being said, upgrading to a modern database is shifting from a recommendation to a requirement.

If your business is running SQL Server 2005, talk to us. We can show you upgrade options and give you a timeline of implementation to ensure your business is safe and compliant before the drop dead date.

What should you do now?
Plan and budget for your upgrade now. Contact us via email or call 616.837.6930 and we can provide you with a clear upgrade and migration path. Our technical team can determine what your migration requirements are while minimizing your security risks.
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