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Pandora Unlimited Mobile Listening Has Disappeared

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Unfortunately, the time has come for Pandora, the beloved online music channel to introduce a cap on our mobile listening experience. Over the course of one month, users will only be allowed to listen to 40 hours of music before they’re prompted to pay an additional amount to continue listening. If they decide not to pay more, the user will have to wait until the next month before continuing their listening.

However, Pandora’s Blog mentions that the change should affect less than 4% of their total monthly active listeners at this point. In reality, most of us reading this blog and Pandora’s blog will probably never hit that limit but it’s still something we will now have to watch out for. According to Pandora, the average listener spends about 20 hours listening to their online radio across all devices (Computer, Phones, Blu-Ray, etc…) in any given month. This isn’t necessarily something that Pandora wanted to do, however due to rising per-track royalty rates over the past few years and the expected rise over the next two years, they've been forced to recover those costs by limiting our monthly usage without increasing our ads.

In the unfortunate event that the limit is reached, there are a couple ways to get around issue. The easiest way would be to jump onto a computer and listen from your desktop or laptop which is still unlimited listening. Another way would be to pay the $0.99 and continue listening for the rest of the month. Of course, there is also the option of paying the $3.99 monthly charge for Pandora One and you can get unlimited listening on all your devices without commercials.

So, don’t worry, your music isn’t going anywhere! While Pandora may have put a slight limit to your online listening experience, there are plenty of ways to keep listening once the limit is hit.
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