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Windows 8.1 Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
One valuable function of Windows 8.1 is the Quick Access Menu. This is just like having your start button and provides easy access to Programs and Features, Command Prompt, Task Manager, Control Panel, Shut Down, etc. This can be accessed by right clicking the windows button in the bottom left corner or hitting the windows key+X.
Remember that in 8.1, the keyboard is your friend. Below are some keyboard shortcuts that can boost your productivity.
Lock computer :: Windows+L
Open windows help :: Windows+F1
Search :: Windows+S
Open settings :: Windows+I
Snap window to right side :: Windows+right arrow
Snap window to left side :: Windows+left arrow
Display charms bar :: Windows+C
Minimize all open windows :: Windows+M
Peek at desktop :: Windows+,

Other nifty tips and tricks:
Want to search for a file or program? Once you hit the windows key, the ‘tile’ page (or Start screen) opens and you can type whatever you need.  The search box automatically opens when you start typing. 

Here, the Windows key is highlighted.

Windows 8.1 file history backup allows you to select folder to be backed up and to which device (thumb drive, external hard drive). It will automatically synchronize back and forth to keep files updated.

An alternate way to minimize or maximize a window: drag the title bar to the top of the desktop screen to maximize. Drag the title bar down to minimize.

To show your desktop, hover your mouse anywhere on the taskbar, right click and click show desktop.

To open programs that are pinned to your taskbar, simply hit the windows key + the number of the icon on your desktop. For example, if Word is the third program that’s pinned, hit Windows+3.

If you want to know more about Windows 8.1 functionality or you have some of your own tips to share with us, give us a call at 616.837.6930 or send us an email.
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