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Microsoft Serving up Changes

Friday, September 07, 2012

With the buzz around the release of Windows 8, less attention has been paid to the new version of Windows Server 2012. Codenamed Windows Server 8, Windows Server 2012 will be using the same clean and modern Metro Style User Interface as Windows 8 and the Windows 7 phone. Microsoft is leaning toward the new Metro User Interface to be friendlier with touch screen computers and phones. Along with the graphical changes, Microsoft also introduced a long list of other improvements to the operating system including changes to Active Directory, a new version of Hyper-V (Microsoft’s virtualization solution), a new file system to improve on NTFS, and something called IP Address Management (IPAM). IPAM will discover, monitor, audit, and manage the IP address space used on your network. It has the ability to look for existing servers and identify the roles they use to improve management. It can also track IP address changes and display usage across the network for easy monitoring. Windows Server 2012 included changes and improvements to help IT professionals like IT Resource to better serve our customers.

Fortunately I was able to get a hold of an early test version of the software to mess around with myself. I had an older computer sitting around that I wasn’t using so I decided this was a good opportunity to get acclimated with the new software. 
Current health and monitoring of Server Roles, Local Server, and all servers on your network:

New Start Menu and added items
Small icons have been changed out for larger ‘button’ type icons that are placed in a grid within the start menu. These icons display the frequently used tasks and can be completely customized. As with any new release, a revised user interface has an adjustment period, however, I feel it will be more handy than not. The Task Manager has been redesigned to focus on resource usage and ease of use. Using meters and percentages, the new task manager will change the color of a particular task depending on how resource intensive it is. This makes it nicer to monitor the tasks and which pesky program is consuming your memory!

New Task Manager
In the short amount of time I have tested this OS, I have found that Microsoft is making great strides to add functionality to their server line of operating systems along with increasing navigation to improve efficiency and performance. In the coming months as the Server 2012 is released, IT Resource will be sure to put it into practice as soon as we have fully tested it and deem it fit for our customers. We want to make sure our customers are up-to-date on the latest, stable technology!

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