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A Partnership with EMC

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Part of being an IT Consultant is the ability to build partnerships with several different companies. With these partnerships come opportunities to try new products and work with new software and hardware. Just in the beginning of this year, IT Resource decided to build a partnership and relationship with EMC, a Cloud computing and IT Solution provider. After talking and working with a few different EMC representatives, we decided to purchase a demo product; an EMC VNX5300 SAN Solution.

The SAN was shipped to us within a miniature rack bolted to a pallet which was dropped into our back room. From there, Kevin, our Data Center Handler, put together a plan to get the SAN moved out of our back room and into our Grand Rapids area Data Center. He worked with a few resources in the building to find some space in our racks, set up access to our network, and determined the best route for getting it installed. Once that was all figured out, several of us gathered together to get the job done!

Step 1 was to figure out a place to put the new device. Kevin organized this location on our Rack:
The next step was to disassemble the device(s) from the rack it was shipped in. Here I am taking the necessary screws out in preparation of the move. The devices have been removed already, but the rails for mounting also need to be moved.
Once that was finished, we moved into the Data Center to get everything installed. We had individually carried the devices over to the data center and set them down while we moved the mounts that I was removing. After the mounts were installed, we moved the devices into the rack. Here Todd and I are moving one of the devices into the rack.
After everything was installed, I put the final screws in and made sure everything was mounted correctly and securely.
To finish off the installation, Todd and Pat connected all the individual devices together to get them working as one. Here they are hard at work.
After everything was all hooked up and secured in, the SAN was ready to be configured! Here is a shot of our finished product.

Now that it’s installed, Kevin will organize a time for everyone to meet together and start configuring the EMC SAN for use in our west Michigan Data Center. The purpose of this installation was to configure and use it normally so IT Resource can evaluate the product and determine if it’s right for new and existing customers. IT Resource strives to give our customers the best and most reliable equipment with expert service to go along with it!

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