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Larger Than Life

Friday, December 23, 2011

Excuse the Backstreet Boys reference – you know, the popular 90’s Boy Band we love to hate -- but what I’m about to debut really IS larger than life.  Are you ready?  I sure hope so, because this is what technology is all about!

It may be a little tough to notice the pure size of this TV; however I can assure you that this particular television is not 60”, not 70”, but 80 beautiful inches of viewing pleasure.

A Chicago customer of ours noticed their existing projector set up was becoming obsolete and required too much maintenance. Instead of sticking with projectors for a replacement, ITR advised a large TV would work well in its place. After a few different technology upgrades and troubleshooting steps, the final product ended up looking great!

We were able to set them up with Video Conferencing, PC hookups, movie access, Satellite HDTV, and access to the Internet right through the TV! PowerPoint presentations now look magnificent, video conferencing calls are clear, crisp and efficient; and after-hours sports games and movies leave nothing to the imagination.

What kind of office set up do you have? What kind of set up do you wish you had for situations like this?

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