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IT Outside Sales Team Welcomes Craig Lowrie

Wednesday, January 06, 2016
People profiles give you a chance to meet our staff - the folks you may deal with on a regular basis here at IT Resource.

Official Title: Sales Account Executive

What do you do at IT Resource? I handle Outside Sales by actively pursuing new customers to help IT Resource continue to grow.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Travel to space

What is the best part about working at IT Resource? The people and the teamwork - everyone is working towards customer satisfaction and a collective success.

How long have you worked at IT Resource? Since May, 2015

If you knew then, what you know now, what piece of advice would you give yourself? Take more pictures and save more money.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A professional golfer, or maybe just a good caddy.

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever had that was not IT related? I used to build mini golf courses on cruise ships.

Tell us something your colleagues don't know about you. I spent 3 weeks building a golf green and bocce ball court for Jack Nicklaus. It was an awesome experience, especially the day I wore my U of M hat - he's an Ohio State man.
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