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Is Information Technology Enhancing Your Business?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Are we enhancing your business?

It may seem like an unlikely question to be asked by your IT Resource lead consultant and sales representative however be prepared to hear this during the last quarter of this year. This isn’t a trick question. We appreciate that you invest in IT Resource services and products from our vendor partners and we know you do this so you can gain an advantage in your day-to-day business. Spending on Information Technology is one of the top five expenses for most businesses. If this investment isn’t currently enhancing your business, then we want to work with you so it will for 2016.

Your sales representative will be contacting you soon to schedule an Annual Business Review. During this time we'd like to discuss your strategic business initiatives for 2016 and review 2015 Key Performance Indicators like hours by project, hours by service and work type, products purchased, warranty reports, AR statement and invoices. Understanding your organization’s plans for 2016, coupled with where you have been from a technical point of view, helps us make the best, most cost effective recommendations possible for your Information Technology needs. Working together, we can enhance your business.

If you're ready to schedule your IT business review, please contact your lead consultant or our sales department today!
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