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Monday, October 22, 2012

A few days ago a request came into our help desk team from one of our west Michigan based customers. The explanation was brief but straight to the point. It seemed one of their computers was experiencing some video issues and wasn’t displaying a picture properly. Kevin Luke, one of our Help Desk team members, took the call and jumped into action. After some initial troubleshooting and working with the customer and HP, he found that the computer was still under warranty. A few phone calls and emails later, Kevin had a new video card on its way for the computer!

Due to HP’s excellent service, the new card arrived next day and was ready to be installed promptly. Kevin headed over to our customer and installed the card to get them back into production as quickly as possible. Due to HP’s warranty program, Kevin needed the old card in order to send it back. However, before sending it off on its way, I was able to snap a few pictures of the card to see exactly where the failure point was.
From this picture it looks like the card warped quite a bit. After further examination we found that the metal heat sink itself had bulged up and caused the failure. However, thanks to HP’s quick response and turnaround time, we were able to provide our customer with prompt service and get them back to production as soon as possible. At the benefit of IT Resource’s partnership with HP, we are able to work diligently to pass the expertise and good experiences along to our customer to make the repair process as quick and painless as possible!
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