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Fraudulent e-mails from scammers across the globe

Wednesday, December 05, 2012
During the holidays, it is unfortunately very common to receive fraudulent e-mails from scammers across the globe who are trying to conduct an information security breach. These e-mails claim to be trustworthy companies, trying to acquire personal information, i.e. credit card information. This process is called “phishing”. If opened, these e-mail phishing scams can give the scammer access your personal data, credit card numbers, and other security data.

Phishing messages can appear to be identical to a legitimate e-mail, containing copied company logos, company colors, legal disclaimers, and what seems to be a valid address. However, these messages can contain Malware and other viruses. These third party scammers are not associated whatsoever with the company they are claiming to be.

One rule of thumb to use when sorting through your inbox is take note of who you are expecting an e-mail from. If you see an e-mail from “UPS” stating the location of your package, and you are not expecting a package; that should definitely raise a red flag. The message should not be opened or downloaded. If you do happen to open an e-mail and you realize it is pretentious, you should immediately run a virus scan. If you do become a victim of a phishing attack, call IT Resource and we can help resolve the problem.

While fraudulent e-mail is a very common form of malicious internet attacks, other mediums to use cautiously are the following:
  • Holiday screensavers/desktop backgrounds
  • Online shopping advertisements – extreme low prices
  • Credit card applications
  • Requests for charitable donations
  • E-greeting cards
  • Requests for personal information when applying for holiday or seasonal jobs

Example of an e-mail phishing scam claiming to be UPS:

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Don't be the victim of an information security, email security, or network security breach.
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