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Is Your Email Vulnerable?

Friday, July 01, 2016
Email Security & Vulnerability
Your employees send hundreds of emails each day. While it seems easy and harmless to click the send button, they may not realize the risk to both them and your business. Thanks to our active media and their interest in computer breaches, we are now far more aware of the risk. Everyone in your business needs to understand both the challenge and the risks of using email and how to solve it—without interrupting your business.

When evaluating the need for email, mobile and network security, we can no longer turn a blind eye. Balancing corporate responsibility with the statistical odds that your valuable customers and partners might discover your company has had an email breach can be a drain on both you and your organization.

More is at stake than just your organization’s reputation. According to the Ponemon Institute’s annual “Cost of a Data Breach” report, the average cost of responding to and resolving a corporate data breach is $3.5 million or more. This cost does not reflect civil liabilities or the revenue loss from alarmed customers. The cost also does not account for regulatory involvement and any litigation or fines that may be associated with a security breach.

Protecting Email and Your Organization
Encryption makes email text and attachments indecipherable to unauthorized individuals. If an unauthorized individual intercepts an encrypted email or an archived message, they will not be able to read it. Email encryption can be easy. Many technology advancements have made encrypted email as simple to use as regular email. These advancements include:
• Automatic Scanning of Employee Emails
• Convenient Delivery to Recipients
• A Smooth Mobile Security Experience

One Solution

Zix Email Encryption is an all-inclusive email security solution, from key management, to secure delivery in the easiest manner possible for your recipients. Zix offers industry-leading email encryption, a unique email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, and an innovative email Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution to meet your company's data protection and compliance needs.

Zix and IT Resource are partnered to assist you in addressing any email security, network security, or mobile security concerns you have. To learn, contact us at 616-837-6930.

This content was featured in the MICPA CPE Guide – For Today’s CPA in Business & Industry, September – October 2016
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