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Ease of Data Backup

Friday, August 03, 2012

As we have mentioned before, backups cannot be important enough. Countless hours of video and thousands of digital memories can be lost in a matter of seconds due to hard drive failure, natural disaster, or even employee error. Sometimes months or even years can go by without error; however that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Your data should be protected and replicated at all times in case of the unthinkable.

To combat the risk of data loss and increase ease, one of our Chicago based customers recently implemented a new backup solution which will lessen the load on their server, replicate their files off-site, and increase the reliability of their data. Going in the route of Network Attached Storage (NAS), they purchased two Buffalo Tetra Stations to move their shared files to. Since the files are no longer located on the server, valuable server resources can be used for more intensive tasks and storage needs. Plus, since they bought two Tetra Stations, they can replicate the data across the both of them in case of device failure or data loss.  So as one device sits in Chicago, the other is currently stationed at their Wisconsin location so not only is all their data backed up, it’s off-site for added reliability.

Some of the benefits of using the dual Network Attached Storage over tape backup include:
• No changing of tapes
• Automatic off-site backup
• Larger storage capacity
• Faster access
• Alleviation of server resources
• Quicker restore times
• Ease

While not every business may be able to benefit from this particular solution, if your company is looking to possibly upgrade their backup solution, contact IT Resource and we’ll be happy to look into backup options specifically for you!
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