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Don’t want to worry about RansomWare - Build a better backup strategy

Thursday, May 18, 2017
By Andrew Smith, Director of Technical Services

In light of the recent ransomware attack, the Internet has become as unsafe as it can be. Imagine walking down a dark alley with hundred dollar bills pasted to your clothes wondering if you would get mugged. That is how many people feel right now, and it is deserved.

Last week over 300,000 computers were held for “ransom” as they were locked by malicious activity. Obviously there are a variety of layers you should address to be safe, but in the end if you want peace of mind you should look at your backup strategy right now, this minute, no waiting.

A world map shows where computers were infected by WannaCrypt ransomware since Sunday, May 14, 2017 (as recorded by by NPR

Of course there are antivirus solutions out there, and those may work. There are a variety of network appliances that will help you avoid issues, and of course training is the biggest area most people should focus on and don’t. The reality is, someday, somehow there may be something that gets through and a backup may be your only solution. There are plenty of solutions out there, but you have to remember two things as you are navigating the world of backups. RPO and RTO.

RPO or Recovery Point Objective is simply, how much data are you willing to lose?
RTO or Recovery Time Objective is simply, how long are you willing to be down?

It seems like an easy question but as both numbers go down, cost goes up. That’s not all. If you think copying files somewhere is a backup, you're mistaken. You need a real solution, something that does not overwrite past backups. Why?

It seems we have had a few customers copying their files to the cloud, let’s say Cube for the sake of argument. They were copying because they had access to Cube, and when they were locked, guess what, Cube was locked as well. The net result is no backups.

At IT Resource we can help you find a way to back up your files using quality solutions like Datto, Veeam, and Zerto. Our skilled Solution Architects will find a price and a level of safety that is right for you and will allow you to meet your objectives. Our goal is to have customers that know things will work, because we are helping them. If, by chance, you don’t go with us, find someone who will help you be safe in this currently uncertain world and have the best backups possible to ensure your business will be here tomorrow, and the day after that. Give us a call at 616.837.6930 to get started.
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