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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I was conversing with a coworker of mine today when the subject of virtual machines and cloud computing came up.  He had recently been to a VMware training session that spoke of the upcoming enhancements and upgrades to VMware products. The list of advances within VMware are astounding in themselves, however the point I want to touch on is more specific. It has to do with Cloud computing, but on a different level than just storing your files on a computer outside your home or business. I’m talking running programs and applications from anywhere, anytime and not needing to have it installed locally on your computer. That kind of Cloud computing.

Say you’re on the road with only your tablet. Your boss calls and needs you to update a document with information only you have. Only problem is, you don’t have Microsoft Word installed on your tablet! No problem, the technology will allow you to run only that program right from your tablet without installing anything! Changes carried out will be saved to a server in the Cloud where it can be accessed at any time. This makes working with different computers and tablets a lot easier for many people. How do you feel about Cloud computing?  Are you or your business in the Cloud?

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