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Cisco Certifications for IT Resource Staff

Friday, March 23, 2012

A few of our members here at IT Resource have been quite busy training over the past couple of weeks. A while back, network engineer Steve Nowak ventured off to Detroit to attend a week long training event to work on his Cisco Data Center Field Engineer certification. Just recently, network engineer Jim Baughman also returned from a week long training event in Detroit for a Cisco Data Center Sales Engineering certification. And to top it all off, sales team members Carrie Borchers and Carolyn Martin completed the Cisco Data Center Sales Account Manager training.

So what does this mean for IT Resource and our clients? Well, it means that now we can sell Cisco Data Center Unified Computing hardware as well as support it. Cisco has a great line of products and now that IT Resource can support it, we can pass that great hardware along to our clients. We have a few of Cisco’s products sitting in our Data Center now and they have proven to work well and stand up to our rigorous usage. If anyone has any questions regarding Cisco Data Center Unified Computing and possibly purchasing some of their equipment, contact Carrie or Carolyn and they would be happy to fill you in on any information they can provide!

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