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Cisco SMARTnet Services :: Important Information on Program Changes

Monday, September 29, 2014
Is Your Network Smart?
How do you keep your network available, secure, and operating at peak performance? With SMARTnet Services, of course!

Cisco SMARTnet Service is a technical support service that allows you to have direct access 24x7x365 to Cisco experts and resources, ongoing operating system updates (including minor and major OS releases), hardware replacement (options for 2-hour, 4-hour and next-business-day) and even onsite support. As you can imagine, these services are crucial to keeping your business up and running at an optimal performance rate.
Getting Technical
There are several types of Cisco SMARTnet Service agreements, distinguished by the type of Cisco products the agreement covers: Hardware Maintenance and OS Software Maintenance, identified by CON-SNT-XXX, CON-SNTP-XXX; Software Application Support, identified by CON-SAS-XXX, CON-SAU-XXX; Services for Intrusion Prevention Systems, identified by CON-SU1-XXX, CON-SU2-XXX, CON-SU01-XXX; System-level coverage on Unified Communications Hardware and Software (CallManager, Unity Connection and Unity), identified by Essential Operate Service (CON-ESW-XXX) and Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS).

End-of-Life...So, What's Changing?
Earlier this summer, Cisco announced its End-Of-Life for Essential Operate Service (ESW) and Unified Communications Software Subscription (UCSS). These two offerings for Cisco Collaboration software and Cisco Prime software will combine into one service called Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS) pronounced “swiss”. SWSS, identified as ECMU, will replace ESW and UCSS and launched September 22nd. It will be sold as a single service offer and conveniently include both software maintenance and software upgrades.

Previously, ESW was for software updates and sold as a service while UCSS was for software upgrades and sold as a product, two contracts that were sold separately. This was often confusing for both the partner and customers. After Cisco received considerable feedback for improvements, they made the choice to combine ESW and UCSS into SWSS. The new SWSS offering means one less contract for you that will be easier to purchase, manage and renew. Everything that came with ESW and UCSS is included with SWSS. This consists of, but is not limited to, 24x7x365 phone and remote access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), minor updates, hot patches and bug fixes, access to Cisco Online Knowledgebase and application software maintenance for minor and major releases.

What should you do now?
If you currently have an ESW or UCSS contract you will remain covered on your contract until it expires. Your contract will be renewed to ECMU (or equivalent) upon the expiration date of either ESW or UCSS, whichever comes first. To learn more about SWSS contact your IT Resource sales rep at 616.837.6930 or email us.
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