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Managing Wireless Interference with Cisco CleanAir Technology

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Managing interference in wireless environments is quickly becoming fundamental due to the growing number of wireless devices and mobile applications. These contribute to increased interference on your wireless network and hinder network performance. Cisco’s CleanAir technology helps by automatically and continually monitoring interference across your wireless spectrum, categorizing the interference, and alleviating the interference that it discovers. 
Cisco’s CleanAir has the ability to identify radio frequency (RF) interference and adjust the systems accordingly to maximize wireless coverage. There are endless devices in a business environment that can cause interference. Common interference can include neighboring wireless networks and other RF emitting devices such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices, fluorescent lights, video cameras, and even a video game console. Interference that is created from these devices can create security risks and network instability. 

A large part of day-to-day business processes rely on a strong and secure wireless connection in order to maintain productivity. Interference can cause decreased wireless performance which can lead to a reduction in productivity. Network visibility is crucial for managing networks to prevent unexpected downtime. Unlike any other RF detectors, CleanAir provides network visibility in order to classify the interference type, zero-in on it, fix the issue, and make sure it will not disrupt connections in the future. 

Cisco reports that 80% of companies report problems relating to interference. CleanAir will prevent these problems before they cause negative impacts on the daily operations of your business. If you would like to know more about this technology, contact IT Resource at 616.837.6930 or via email. As a Cisco partner, we assist customers in west Michigan, and throughout the midwest.
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