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Attach Something a Little Larger: Google Rolling Out New Attachment Service

Sunday, December 09, 2012

How many times have you gone to attach a file to an email for a family member or friend and have it tell you the attachment was too large? I know that often, I will want to send a large video file or program to a friend that I’ve got on my computer, but know that email is a lost cause. Well, it used to be a lost cause anyway, until Google stepped up to the attachment plate!

Starting now, if you have a Gmail account and use Google Drive, Gmail will allow attachments up to 10GB in size! That is over 400 times what the attachment limit used to be.

When sending an email, Gmail now gives the option to attach a file that may already be in your Google Drive or on your computer. If you’ve uploaded mountains of pictures or countless videos into your Google Drive, attaching them to an email is now a breeze. If you’re a Google user but not signed up with Google Drive, visit and add the service to your account! Google Drive is a similar experience to Dropbox, but with added features and experiences. And now, with Gmail using Google Drive for attachments, it can do even more! For more information, visit and to get starting using Google’s great features!
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