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Android and Apple and Blackberry...Oh my!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A big topic right now in the personal and business world is phones. Several years ago there were only a few options to choose from, but today, anyone can pretty much pick what best suits them. So, what is the best choice? Which one runs the quickest? Which one works the best with my infrastructure? There are a lot of aspects to look at while searching for perfect phone.

The first question to ask would be ‘Does my company support it?’ If the phone is for personal use then this question is pretty much void, but not all businesses support all phones. For example, Blackberry has completely separate server software your business can run to make it easier for them to manage emails, contacts, and even instant messaging.

The smart phones of today can do pretty much anything! They can access the internet, receive email, perform navigation functions, and run various applications. The Apple iPhone has the largest App Store with roughly 500,000 third party applications available. Of those half a million, 25% are free to install (Wikipedia, 2012). As of July 2011, the Android Market had 250,000 available Applications with about 57% of them being free (Wikipedia, 2012). Blackberry and Windows phones also have some variation of an App store, however they are significantly smaller. If applications are important then either an iPhone or an Android phone would be the choice to make.

Personally, I carry an Android phone. I had one of the first to come out and it’s still running strong. However, there are plenty of iPhones, Blackberrys, and Windows Phones that last just as long. Updates are provided regularly to each type of phone and support is not lacking. Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone all support exchange so everyone can rest assured that they can access their work email on the go. While Windows Phone and Blackberry may have a little better integration, iOS and Android both support it just fine.

In the end, it’s all about what the employer supports and personal preference. Windows Phone is small, but working its way into the market, while Blackberry started out as the largest business orientated phone, but is quickly dropping due to more options. Take the time and do the research, and a great phone can be in hand soon!

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