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An All-In-One Solution

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Many of our customers will turn to IT Resource when it comes time to purchase new computers for their company. Whether they need a new laptop for an on the road user or 10 new workstations within the office, IT Resource will find and price out new hardware for our customers’ needs. Recently, we have been looking into some new options for our customers regarding replacement desktop computers. One of those options was the HP Compaq Elite All-In-One Business PC.

These PCs are a computer and monitor all packed into one relatively small device. IT Resource installed three of these devices for a customer and after setting them up and getting them installed and running, I can say that I’m quite impressed with their build quality and ease of use. Depending on what specifications the customer needs, most of these models come with a 24” HD screen, built-in wireless, large hard drive, wireless mouse and keyboard, and various other integrated functions built right into the device. Because most of the computer is wireless, a power cable may be the only cord sitting on your computer desk. 

If your company is looking for replacement workstations and monitors in the near future, the HP Compaq All-In-One solution may be the way to go. Give the IT Resource Help Desk a call at 616.837.6930 and we’ll be able to determine if we can get a new All-In-One into your company!
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