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A Cisco Meraki Solution for Internet Speed and Bandwidth Issues

Friday, February 13, 2015

When students from the Indiana Gamma chapter house at Indiana University complained about slow internet speeds and sub-par bandwidth, we were brought on to find a solution. Our technicians conducted an internet-speed test on the existing system and, to no surprise, the findings were unacceptable: 11 mbps for the download speed and 10mbps for the upload speed, well below the acceptable standard. A case study was done on the situation at the chapter house and the findings were featured in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon publication, The Record, and can be downloaded here.

In addition to the speed issues, our site visit and review indicated that the existing system and equipment that was in place was incorrectly sized and not optimal. In addition, the wireless connectivity failed to perform as desired, so users had limited bandwidth. At the end of the day we recommended a Cisco Meraki cloud-based management system in which all devices at each location could be managed from the cloud. The solution provides real-time visibility on the health of each device and can be monitored remotely by Sigma Alpha Epsilon staff using the Meraki Dashboard.

When the Cisco Meraki solution was configured and complete, we performed a final test and the results were stellar: 67 mbps for download speed and 22 mbps for upload speed, a 463% enhancement. The students at the SAE chapter house indicated that the new system didn't just bring them up to par in terms of internet speeds, it gave them the fastest internet on all of Indiana University's campus.

Read the entire article, as it was published in The Record, here.

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