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Social Networking and Us

Monday, November 14, 2011

There’s no doubt that social networking has really taken off in the past five to seven years. Going back on my own Facebook account my first picture was uploaded in 2007, and that was after they started allowing non-college users to sign up. Facebook was the first big social networking site which started back in 2004 and today they have nearly 800 million active users world wide, varying from high school students to businesses. Facebook isn’t the only social network out there though, Twitter, Google+, Live Journal, and a few others and infiltrated the market recently with great success.

But what does all this have to do with IT Resource? Well, in today's age many argue that businesses must use social media to keep up with their customers and the marketplace in general. If such a huge percentage of our population is going to be using social media, it seems only logical to promote business on the platform as well. In fact, IT Resource already has a Facebook page. Check it out here.

We hope to reach a greater number of people this way, while also following our customers and people we work with so we can keep up with what they’re doing as well! Fan our page while you're there and send us a quick note - after all, it is called social media!

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